Investment Professionals
C. Bryan Daniels
Stephen V. King
Darren M. Snyder
Christopher T. Killackey
Nathan J. Good
Sean M. McNally
Patrick J. Jensen
D.J. Lipke
Anthony P. Danielak
Jeffrey W. Vranek
Adam C. Cieciura
Michael E. Koenig
Jeremy Harvey-Brown

Finance and Operations
Barbara Sherlock
Jane S. Fiedler
Brian Kucera
Lindsay Eichler
Tiffany D. Kriston
Holly Lane

Other Executives
S. Michael Peck

Industry Affiliations
Civic Engagement

Our Other Executives   bring relevant experience, sector knowledge, specific skills and valuable relationships to our firm.

*The Other Executives listed are professionals that may act as consultants for Prairie Capital and/or our portfolio companies. These professionals may be retained directly by one or more portfolio companies either as members of a company’s management team, on a project-oriented basis, and/or by serving on boards of directors. Compensation paid by the portfolio company is without offset to the management fee.

Our Other Executives
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