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Jeffrey W. Vranek
Adam C. Cieciura
Michael E. Koenig
Jeremy Harvey-Brown

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Barbara Sherlock
Jane S. Fiedler
Brian Kucera
Lindsay Eichler
Tiffany D. Kriston
Holly Lane

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S. Michael Peck

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Holly Lane, Chief Operating Officer, Daniels & King
Holly currently manages the General Partner’s entities, affiliates of the Prairie Funds. Previously, Holly was the CFO for 10+ years at Prairie Capital.

Prior to joining Prairie in 1999, Holly and her husband purchased Affy Tapple in 1995, a longtime Chicago Caramel Apple Manufacturer. Holly performed many management functions at the Company as a typical owner-operator.

Prior to Affy Tapple, Holly was the Manager of Business Development at Video Arts, the US subsidiary of the company founded by Monty Python comedian, John Cleese.

Holly began her career working at Sara Lee Corporation, most recently as Manager Special Projects. She lead internal due diligence for corporate acquisitions and divestitures. Holly worked on a number of large acquisitions for Sara Lee, including Playtex, 3 international hosiery companies and several US-based food businesses. She started working in Internal Audit.

Holly has an MBA from Northwestern University Kellogg Graduate School of Management. Holly received a BS in Accounting from Indiana University, in Bloomington. Holly is a CPA.
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