Investment Strategy
Investment Focus

Exceptional “Middle Market IQ”

We facilitate ownership transitions for companies in the lower middle market.

Sounds simple enough. But in the world of the lower middle market, every opportunity taps our deep well of experience in developing flexible approaches that build equity in the investment. We understand the lower middle market because we’ve spent our careers working and investing along side business owners and management teams. The lower middle market is, was, and always will be our only focus.

Experience creates expertise

The depth and breadth of our experience in the lower middle market gives us keen insight into the factors that make up a successful investment for management, our co-investors and Prairie Capital.

We recognize good management, solid fundamentals, a defensible market niche, and opportunities for growth. Our ability to identify these attributes and find flexible ways to get deals done sets us apart. It’s an honest, collaborative, feet-firmly-planted-on-the-ground approach that has earned us the trust of business owners, advisers and investors alike through five funds – and now into our sixth – since our founding in 1997.
Supporting management, keeping our word

Nearly all of our investments come from referrals. “You have to talk to Prairie,” is recurring advice from financial advisors, lawyers, bankers and ownership teams who have dealt with Prairie in the past.

We do more than simply invest funds and then “direct traffic.” We invest in sound management teams, and place a premium on collaboration. Our internal structure produces collaboration amongst our experienced team, and our respect and trust for management builds a strong working relationship. We believe our experience makes us a valuable asset to management, bringing new ideas and resources that accelerates growth and builds equity value.

We offer advice that moves the ball downfield. We trust management. We remain committed to success over the life of the investment.

We keep our word.
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