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Fund Investments   Prairie Capital was founded in 1997 and has invested in more than 85 growth oriented platform companies since that time. Prairie partners with talented entrepreneurs and management teams to build market-leading companies in growing industries. We are currently investing out of the $350 million Prairie Capital VI.
Prairie Capital Fund VI
Architectural Lighting Works (“ALW”) is a designer and assembler of architectural LED lighting fixtures and participates in the large, fragmented and rapidly growing LED lighting industry. ALW has a strong brand reputation in the architectural LED lighting market providing high quality, design-oriented fixtures, especially for the slot and linear product category. ALW focuses on providing made-to-order lighting solutions, primarily serving customers in the commercial market as well as select healthcare, retail, hospitality and education applications. The Company’s LED fixtures are sold nationwide through a diversified rep network of over 50 independent sales agencies. For more information on ALW, please contact: Christopher Killackey at Patrick Jensen or DJ Lipke.
BOTE, LLC (“BOTE”) was founded in Destin, FL by Corey and Magda Cooper with the purpose of reshaping the standup paddle board (SUP) industry from the ground up, to define a culture by developing products that would appeal to all walks of life. The BOTE brand has been built on the concepts of innovation, simplicity and functionality that defines a lifestyle. BOTE uses grassroots marketing through digital content creation and brand ambassadors to raise the brand’s awareness. BOTE boards and accessories are sold through independent specialty outdoor retailers and select national retail chains, as well as the Company’s ecommerce website. Contact Darren Snyder or D.J. Lipke for more information.
Prairie Capital Fund V
Captek Softgel, located in Cerritos, California, is a FDA-compliant manufacturer and distributor of specialty softgel formulations in the nutraceutical sector to the U.S. and global markets. Contact Darren Snyder or Sean McNally for more information.
Damac Products, founded in 1984 and based in La Mirada, California, is a leading manufacturer of custom, highly-engineered infrastructure solutions for the data center market. Products include server racks and enclosures, aisle containment and cable management solutions, power distribution units, wall mount cabinets and related infrastructure accessories. Damac’s strong engineering capability allows the Company to create customized solutions for each customer’s unique data center needs. Customers include leaders in cloud computing, social media and ecommerce. Prairie partnered with Crescendo Capital Partners and Pleasant Bay Capital Partners to acquire the Company from its founders. Contact Steve King or D.J. Lipke for more information.
Based in Chicago, Industrial Water Treatment Solutions is a manufacturer and distributor of proprietary and innovative chemical products for the industrial water services market. Contact Christopher Killackey for more information.
DRB Systems, founded in 1984 and based in Akron, Ohio, is the leading provider of point of sale (POS) software, loyalty promotion modules, control solutions, and related products to the conveyorized car wash industry. Over the course of the Company’s thirty-year history, its products have been installed in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Canada and users of its technology solutions have cared for over three billion cars. The Company sells turnkey systems that include a complete package of outside hardware and proprietary software developed by DRB Systems. The Company’s systems are designed to enhance the consumer’s experience and the operational efficiency of the car wash operator. The Company’s core product offerings include (i) SiteWatch®, a Windows-based POS management system; (ii) TunnelWatch®, an automated control system for conveyorized car washes; and (iii) Xpress Pay Terminal®, an outdoor self-pay kiosk system. DRB also offers numerous related products and software modules. Contact Steve King, Bryan Daniels, or Tony Danielak for more information.
Messenger, founded in 1913 and headquartered in Auburn, Indiana, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of specialty stationery and related products to the death care industry. Messenger products are sold to over 8,000 funeral home directors who, in turn, retail these products to families for use at memorial services. In additional to stationery, Messenger products include cards, displays and urns. The company's experienced management team and national sales network combine to provide its diverse customer base with premium products and service. Prairie Capital and the Messenger management team partnered to purchase the company from Norwood Promotional Products, a subsidiary of the BIC Group. Contact Darren Snyder or Nathan Good for more information.
National Enzyme Company, located in Forsythe, Missouri, is an FDA-compliant manufacturer of specialty enzymes and other digestive health products to the vitamins, minerals and supplements industry in the U.S. and globally. Contact Darren Snyder or Sean McNally for more information.
Northfield was founded in Glen Allen, VA in 1994 as a medical equipment repair and service company. The company repairs high-use medical equipment used in the operating room, predominantly flexible endoscopes, rigid endoscopes and other surgical instruments, for hospitals and surgery centers nationwide. Contact Bryan Daniels or Sean McNally for more information.
The PBE Group, founded over 40 years ago, is a global electronic engineering and manufacturing company serving the mining, tunneling and contract manufacturing industries. PBE is an industry leader for mine safety and productivity systems. The company provides safety, communications, monitoring and control systems to mines around the world. With offices in 7 countries and strong partners in over 30 other countries, PBE is not only the only true single source integrated solution for mine safety and productivity systems, but is the only company able to provide timely service and engineering support globally. PBE's products and systems are sophisticated and reliable, with a demonstrated track record of ensuring safer and more productive mines. Prairie Capital partnered with Vierville Capital to purchase PBE from a family ownership group. Contact Bryan Daniels or Nathan Good for more information.
Premier Dealer Services ("PDS") is an integrated provider of vehicle service contracts ("VSCs") and related auto warranty products with offices in Dublin, OH and San Diego, CA. PDS designs, underwrites, markets, sells, and administers a broad product portfolio of VSCs and related products that are insured by independent insurance companies, captive reinsurance and dealer owned reinsurance entities. PDS’s products are marketed through a network of independent agencies that sell products primarily through franchised automobile dealerships covering all 50 states in the United States and six Canadian provinces. Contact Christopher Killackey, Patrick Jensen, or DJ Lipke
Riverchase Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery, founded in 2000 and based in Naples, Florida, is a leading provider of dermatology and cosmetic services in Southwest Florida. The Company provides a comprehensive suite of dermatologic services, offering advanced treatment options for skin cancer, general dermatology, and cosmetic procedures. Prairie Capital partnered with Riverchase’s founder to recapitalize the Company. Contact Bryan Daniels or Sean McNally for more information.
StyleCraft Home Collection, located in Southaven, Mississippi, designs and markets home decor, including residential lighting, wall decor, decorative furniture and accessories and garden decor. Stylecraft provides superior product design, excellent supply chain logistics and customer service at moderate price points. Contact Darren Snyder or D.J. Lipke for more information.
Swiss-American Products, Inc., founded in 1988 and based in Carrollton, Texas, is an FDA compliant developer, manufacturer, and marketer of clinically-proven skin and wound care products. The Company operates three business segments. The first segment sells, through its direct sales force, branded skin care products to dispensing physicians under the brand name, Elta MD. The second segment sells branded skin and wound care products to hospitals and long-term care facilities. The third segment provides private label and contract manufacturing services to medical device and drug companies. Prairie Capital partnered with the senior management team of Swiss-American to complete a management buyout of the Company from the founder. Contact Nathan Good, or D.J. Lipke for more information.
TeacherMatch, LLC, founded in 2011, is a highly innovative company working to transform the way educational districts and schools find and hire teachers. The TeacherMatch product, called the Educator’s Professional Inventory (EPI), empowers hiring teams to learn about candidates objectively and to make strong decisions about where to invest precious in-person interview time, ensuring that hiring authorities spend more time with candidates who have a high likelihood for success. TeacherMatch has built an industry-leading assessment platform with comprehensive analytics to deliver distinctive services to districts, schools and current and future teachers. Contact Steve King, Bryan Daniels or Ron Huberman for more information.
Tower Engineering Professionals ("TEP"), based in Raleigh, North Carolina, is one of the largest multi-discipline engineering services firms focused on serving the telecommunication industry. TEP employs over 180 certified engineers who serve independent and large, publicly traded wireless communication and tower leasing companies. Contact Darren Snyder or Bryan Daniels for more information.
Prairie Capital Fund IV
Chicago Deferred Exchange Company (CDEC) is a leading Qualified Intermediary for investors who wish to defer the gain on the sale or exchange of capital assets by utilizing the Federal Tax Code Section 1031 provision. CDEC was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The company’s strong and dedicated management team, reputation for quality service and reliability, and large base of customers make CDEC one of the most trusted qualified intermediaries nationwide. Prairie Capital partnered with Financial Investments Corporation and management to acquire CDEC from its parent. Contact Bryan Daniels or Sean McNally for more information.
Taylor Capital Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: TAYC) operates as a holding company for Cole Taylor Bank, a commercial bank operating in the Chicago metropolitan area. Headquartered in Rosemont, IL, Cole Taylor Bank operates nine banking centers throughout Chicago and has over $4 billion in assets under management. The bank was founded in 1929 by members of the Taylor family and has served the Chicago metropolitan area for over 75 years. Cole Taylor’s mission is to be a premier bank for Chicago area businesses by utilizing a relationship oriented customer approach. Prairie Capital partnered with Financial Investments Corporation, other Chicago institutions and high net worth investors. Contact Bryan Daniels for more information.
FCA Packaging Products, LLC was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Moline, Illinois. FCA is a leading provider of custom-designed and expendable packaging products and related services to original equipment manufacturers. FCA’s manufacturing expertise, design capabilities, and low-cost labor force provide customers with a measurable value proposition, allowing them to outsource non-core functions at a cost savings while benefiting from improved quality and packaging expertise. FCA delivers its customized products and services on a just-in-time basis. Prairie Capital partnered with Ancor Capital Partners and FCA’s co-founder and president Jeff Campagna to complete the acquisition. Contact Steve King or Nathan Good for more information.
BLR, (formerly Fortis Business Media LLC) headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee, is a holding company established to acquire, integrate, and grow specialty information publishing businesses in the employment law and human resource industries. Prairie Capital partnered with Dan Oswald, a veteran specialty information publishing executive, to form Fortis. Fortis made its initial platform investment by acquiring M. Lee Smith Publishers LLC, which provides mission-critical news, analysis, and training services to human resources, employment, and various other legal and political professionals through a portfolio of integrated print, online, and in-person media and publishing products and services. The company name was changed to BLR commensurate with the merger of Fortis and BLR. Contact Darren Snyder or Nathan Good for more information.
Insource Contract Services was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Charlotte, NC. Insource is a leading provider of on-premise contract labor services for light manufacturing, assembly, and distribution operations primarily in the southeastern region of the United States. Combining process engineering with a high-quality labor force, Insource contracts for an entire function or work cell within a client’s operating facility. The company’s strong management team, performance-based compensation system, and technical expertise combine to provide customers with a high level of service and measurable cost savings. Prairie Capital partnered with Colville Capital and Insource’s senior management team to purchase the company. Contact Steve King or Darren Snyder for more information.
Navman Wireless provides GPS-enabled fleet tracking solutions to a variety of service companies, school bus fleets, municipal governments and construction companies. Navman also provides customized GPS technologies to OEMs. The company installs an integrated hardware and proprietary software solution that leverages GPS and cellular technologies, enabling customers to record and access fleet vehicle information and enhance efficiencies. Navman’s experienced management team, solid product and service offering, measurable value proposition, and large and growing base of customers make the company a market leader within its geographies. Navman operates principally in the U.S., the U.K., New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore. Prairie Capital partnered with management to acquire Navman from its parent company, Brunswick Corporation (NYSE: BC). Contact Christopher Killackey, Nathan Good, or Bryan Daniels for more information.
Pioneer Metal Finishing LLC is a leading provider of metal finishing services, with primary processes including anodizing of aluminum and electroless nickel plating of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The company has established itself as an industry leader through its consistent finishing quality, on-time delivery capabilities, and large production capacity. Pioneer, which now operates seven plants around the country, is headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Pioneer’s experienced and dedicated management team, geographic coverage, and range of finishing capabilities combine to provide its diverse customer base a premium level of service and support throughout the United States. Prairie Capital partnered with several high net worth Wisconsin-based investors to support Robert Pyle (CEO) and other managers in their buyout of the company. Pioneer has acquired three new plants since closing and is actively pursuing add-on acquisitions throughout the country. Contact Steve King or Darren Snyder for more information.
R3 Education is a Massachusetts-based holding company that controls The Saba University School of Medicine ("Saba"), The Medical University of the Americas ("MUA") and St. Matthew University ("SMU"). Saba, MUA and SMU operate for-profit universities that award four-year graduate degrees in Doctors of Medicine. The universities operate ten-semester programs of instruction, offering three academic semesters per year and enrolling a new class of students in each academic semester. The first five semesters are taught on the schools' respective Caribbean campuses (Saba, Nevis and Grand Cayman) and are composed of basic sciences and pre-clinical courses. The remainder of the programs (in clinical rotations) are conducted primarily at U.S.-based teaching hospitals. Prairie Capital partnered with Equinox Capital to acquire the three universities. Contact Steve King or Bryan Daniels for more information.
Specialized Education Services (“SESI”) is a leading provider of non-public educational services for children with learning and behavioral difficulties in Kindergarten–12th grade. SESI offers highly individualized, tutorial-based education at its schools and programs that serve over 1,700 students in seven states. Prairie Capital partnered with Chicago Growth Partners and Twin Bridge Capital Partners to acquire SESI. Contact Steve King for more information.
StatLab Medical Products, Inc., founded in 1976 and headquartered in McKinney, Texas, is a national distributor of histology, cytology, and other consumable supplies to a diverse customer base of more than 2,300 anatomic pathology laboratories. StatLab markets many of its high-quality products under a range of recognized and proprietary brand names. StatLab is the benefactor of favorable demographic trends, advances in diagnostic and genetic testing, and the continuing focus on early detection of diseases. Prairie Capital partnered with Caldera Capital Partners to purchase StatLab. Contact Christopher Killackey or Nathan Good for more information.
Prairie Capital Fund III
Alden Industries Buy-Rite Creditors Interchange
Coffee Bean International Colorbök Double E
GPA H3 Sportgear M. Lee Smith
Mortgage Contracting Services National Industrial Coatings Plastimayd
ProVest Regency Beauty Institute S.R. Smith
St. Matthew's University    
Creditors Interchange Agency, LLC, located in Buffalo, New York, is a leading provider of accounts receivable collection services to the credit card, automobile financing, consumer, student loan, medical, and utility markets. Creditors offers recovery solutions to a broad range of clients. Collection services include all aspects of the collection process, from telephone demands and letter series to skip-tracing and initiating lawsuits. Prairie Capital partnered with Caffery Capital Partners and Bruce Gray, President and Chief Operating Officer of Creditors, to acquire the business. Contact Bryan Daniels for more information.
Double E Company, LLC is a leading manufacturer and distributor of web accessory component parts for a wide variety of industries and applications. Combining strong engineering capabilities with its strategic sourcing partnerships, Double E provides quality replacement parts to manufacturers throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Double E was founded in 1972 and is headquartered in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Double E’s strong management team, product quality, and technical expertise combine to provide its diverse customer base a high level of service and support for web accessory component parts. Prairie Capital partnered with HighPoint Capital, Pine Street Capital Partners, Seacoast Capital, and TAG Venture Partners to purchase Double E. Contact Christopher Killackey or Sean McNally for more information.
Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, ProVest LLC is a leading national provider of service of process and related services to law firms, insurance companies and financial institutions. Using a network of licensed independent contractors, the company provides exceptional quality, reliability, accuracy and timely results to its clients, to reduce expenses and minimize losses. ProVest’s strong management team, breadth of service offerings, and scalable infrastructure combine to offer the highest level of customer service while providing a growth platform for opportunities in the financial services industry. Prairie Capital partnered with Financial Investments Corporation, Concentric Equity Partners, Kendrick Pierce Securities and management to recapitalize ProVest. Contact Christopher Killackey, Sean McNally, or Bryan Daniels for more information.
Regency Beauty Institute is an accredited provider of cosmetology education through its network of convenient, upscale campuses located throughout the Midwest. Regency’s education programs focus on hair, make-up, nail care, and esthiology, and provide students the necessary skills to receive state-required cosmetology licenses. The company was originally founded as Myndall Cain Beauty School, and is headquartered in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Regency’s superior education services, proven campus model, strong management team, and sophisticated infrastructure position it well to capitalize on the numerous growth opportunities in the beauty education market. Prairie Capital partnered with LLR Partners to invest growth equity in Regency alongside its CEO and President, Hayes Batson. Contact Steve King for more information.
Prairie Capital Fund II
American Changer American Furniture Manufacturing Benchmark Products
Color Associates Cushcraft E&B Giftware
Estes-Cox Goldsmith Hamilton Precision Metals
HealthScope Benefits Innovative Concepts in Entertainment Kifco
OpenFirst Holdings Optronics Perceptis
Remuda Ranch Roman Decorating Products Security Technologies
Stylecraft Survey Sampling International Texas DAR
Prairie Capital Mezzanine Fund
Alaniz American Staff Resources AMI Telecommunications
Assist Network Development Borgen Systems Core Systems
DG Foods First Texas Fitness Products International
Furnace Parts Heathkit In The Swim
Krane Products McKenzie Sports Products Mechanical Products
Office Resources ProSteel Shan Industries
Stravina The Revere Group Wisconsin Technicolor
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